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Welcome to In The Spotlight section, where we shine a light on the diverse workforce who drive our company forward. With every post, we invite you to meet exceptional individuals, learn about their roles, discover their motivations for choosing Samotics, and uncover their passions.

Siena Richard

Software Engineering

Marcial Otero

Tech Lead in Electrical Signature Analysis

Bas Louwman

Head of Marketing

Tom Heijnen

Onboarding Solution Engineer

Youri Sio

Full Stack Software Engineer

Elena Kokoli

Customer Success Manager

Francisco Kovacevich

Software Engineer

Marija Stosic

Financial Administrator

João Ferreira

Technical Onboarding Specialist


Samotics is a growing, energetic company where professionalism, a great atmosphere and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand. We’re a close-knit team that’s excited about our ability to help industry become safer, greener and more efficient. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then we’d love to meet you!