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Spotlight on Natalie: Customer Insights Manager

“What I love most about working for Samotics is its perfect mix of strategy and digital, with the ability to create lasting impact not only within our company but for our customers. As a customer insights manager, I thoroughly enjoy helping our team and our customers drive growth, accelerate digitally, and achieve long-term reductions in energy and emissions.”

After earning two degrees focused on mathematics, statistics and the use of data in communication, Natalie started her career in consulting. But she quickly realized she wanted to have a more tangible impact. At Samotics, she gets to not only design new features, but also test, implement and scale them.

“As a customer insights manager, I provide a link between the customer success team and the customer insights team. I think about strategic questions regarding our proposition and our customer contact: What new information adds value for our customers? Are we sharing the right things at the right time? What should we add or change?

“I also design the dashboard and the process we use to share these insights, and work with several teams to implement these new structures. As an example, instead of only communicating faults when they happen, we’re now also adding recurring insight reports. In one such report, we identified savings of € 100k and significant carbon emissions if the customer changed to a more efficient pump. We’re also building an energy monitor, and we’re adding operational insights such as ‘We notice your asset is operating inefficiently at this frequency and power; this is what we think is the reason, and this is what you could do about it.’ Last but not least, I think about how I can make these insights more actionable, by making the necessary changes to the customer journey with the customer success team. 

“One of the reasons why I love this job is that I’m end-to-end responsible for designing and implementing ideas. Everything I design, I also get to make happen. This high level of responsibility and impact is even greater than in my former job as a strategy consultant. I was operationally hands-on in making reports or devising strategies, but often we were not part of the implementation process afterward to produce the results. Here, I can very clearly see my impact across the organization and with our customers.

“I’d describe our company culture as highly collaborative and open. There are no obstacles in asking for help, and people are very responsive. And cross-team collaboration is the norm. Each team has regular demos and the CEO presents news and updates on a monthly basis for the whole company. When another team is working on something that’s related to the topics I focus on, or simply something that I’d like to develop some skills in, I can just reach out to them and discuss whether it makes sense to work together. 

“When I joined Samotics, I expected a small, fast-paced company, but I don’t think I expected us to be as agile as we actually are. We focus on incremental improvements, continuously. This is a core part of our culture. Within my first eight months at Samotics, I changed teams and also changed roles and directions—all based on what I’m good at, what I’m interested in, and where the company is headed. This flexibility has truly amazed me.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in math and a master’s in communication science. With mathematics, I learned to think very logically and employ structured problem solving. I was trained in abstract thinking. But I also studied communication science, and learned how data can be used to solve all sorts of issues facing the world, which is why I'm overjoyed to be working in a role where I can combine these two passions.

“Back when I was in consulting, I imagined myself working for a company with clear values and a clear mission, that accelerates innovation and will change the world for the better. I wanted to do something I believed in, and I wanted to have a visible impact. To anyone who finds themselves at a career crossroads, I would recommend they ask themselves these questions: Strategy may be intellectually challenging, but at what kind of place do you want to do it? What next steps do you want to be responsible for? For me, the most fun comes from testing, improving and scaling my strategic ideas—I'm beyond grateful that Samotics is a place where I can do this, and continue my growth as a career professional and as a person.”