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Spotlight on Elena:

Strategic Account Executive

´Building long-term customer relationships requires a lot of patience, empathy and long-term vision.´

´As a customer success manager, I'm ultimately responsible for ensuring our customers’ experience a smooth adoption and great satisfaction with our products and services. Our main goal in the customer success management team is to build strong relationships with our customers and help them get maximum value from our condition monitoring system. Currently, my primary focus is on providing support to customers in the water and cement industries. ´

´I believe most of the tasks (if not all) that the role of customer success manager includes are exciting. However, if I had to choose one task that triggers my interest most, and a task that I'm actually working on right now, is the task of supporting existing accounts to scale up. This is really something that is based on existing results, but it is also based on the trust and honesty that you have with the main project leads. It's very interesting to see the different dynamics between the accounts, which include a variety of different elements that should be taken into account, such as the type of the industry that the company belongs to, the size of the company, the influence that the project leads have toward their superiors, etc.´

´I chose Samotics for three reasons. First, I always wanted to work in a SaaS company, and, more specifically, a SaaS company that is also a scale-up. I believe that the experience from working in such a fast-paced environment like this is very beneficial. It provides you with a lot of different skills that you will need in your future career. Second, it's due to the environmental impact of our product. We're a sustainable company that helps companies prevent failures that could result in significant environmental costs. Plus, we're also constantly trying to help our customers improve their operations. Last, Samotics is a great place to work if you're an expat, as the company strongly promotes diversity and inclusion.´

´Building long-term customer relationships requires a lot of patience, empathy and long-term vision. It's something that needs time, expectation management, clear boundaries and good understanding. It's one of the most important things I have realized at this job.  I've also realized that you can learn something new from every person that you talk to, even if in the beginning the information that they might give you may not seem that relevant. You never know what the future holds which means that you can never predict how you are going to use this information. It is always good to be proactive.´

´Since I was a child, I was always interested in hearing other people’s stories. Maybe this is also a reason why I wanted to become a customer success manager. Storytelling is something that makes me get into other people’s shoes and really try to understand how they think and how they feel under certain conditions. Apart from this, I have a huge passion for music, and I really enjoy singing and playing the piano.´

´I would strongly recommend them to try new things, explore new opportunities and not be afraid of expressing their opinion. Always try to be open to feedback and do not take it personally when someone gives you negative feedback. Try to see everything as an opportunity for improvement. It's something that has been very valuable to me and can be also applied in areas outside of work.´