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Spotlight on Bart: Lead Software Engineer

“After four years, our product continues to motivate me. According to the IEA, reducing the energy used by electric motors is a key component of combating climate change. And that’s exactly what we do—with a product that’s proven its effect and value, and with frontier technology.”

Bart is a senior software engineer with a background in aerospace engineering. He was one of the first members of the Samotics team, and thanks to the high pace of development at the company, is still as motivated to work on SAM4 as he was on day one.

“In the applications and integrations team, we design and develop web applications that support our end users, partners and internal users in working with SAM4. Essentially, we’re responsible for the full SAM4 interface. For instance, we’ve developed an energy monitor that gives customers insight into their equipment’s energy usage—and how to reduce it. For features like this, I work intensively with the customer success team and our head of product. 

“I enjoy working at a fast-growing, not-too-large company. I’m responsible for the full stack per feature, rather than for individual pieces of the puzzle. To me, this is what makes it engineering: it’s about architecture, design and implementation. I studied aerospace engineering, and I love that in my job there’s on the one hand a connection to the physical hardware, but on the other hand, an important focus on the interface with people. 

“Another thing I like about Samotics is that the development cycles here tend to be much faster and less bureaucratic than in many software-only environments. When I joined the company, we built a first version of the product in just one year. This is nearly four years ago, and back then, there were only 10 of us at Samotics, including the two founders. We quickly brought the first viable product to market, and since then we‘ve continuously improved and professionalized. It feels like we’re in a brand-new phase every year. It’s impossible to grow bored. I like that type of dynamic. And of course, I also like that we’re continuously winning. We’re a trusted industry partner now, with tangible success. 

“The culture at Samotics is informal, built by a group of intelligent people who bring a whole lot of fun and positivity to their work. Setbacks can happen, but we simply learn from them. Complaining isn’t really something that happens at Samotics—it just isn’t our frame of mind. 

“I’m still motivated by our product, and also highly motivated by our internationally diverse team. Our data science and software teams have a very global character, with people from Latin America, Turkey, Russia and more. We’ve also started recruiting remotely now. If someone has the talent and the motivation, we’re eager to work with them, even if they live two time zones away.

“One of the things that sets us apart is that we use truly modern technologies. For instance, we use the cloud in a cutting-edge way, with all of our cloud in code. This is considered the new frontier and, frankly, the future, but many companies don’t do this yet. If I had to give software engineers who are thinking about their career some advice, it would be to think about how you see the future of software. And then look for a place where that’s already the way they work.”