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Spotlight on Marija: Finance Administrator

“From the moment I joined Samotics, the most valuable lesson has been the significance of outstanding mentorship and a commitment to continuous learning.”

Marija, our finance administrator, skillfully manages accounts receivable and payable, ensures smooth vendor and customer relations, and embraces Samotics' commitment to work-life balance and continuous learning.

In my role as a finance administrator, I'm entrusted with a diverse set of responsibilities. My day-to-day activities include managing accounts receivable— invoicing customers, monitoring payments, and resolving any outstanding issues.  Similarly, I handle accounts payable by processing vendor invoices and ensuring prompt invoice approvals. Together, these tasks help maintain positive relationships with both customers and vendors. Additionally, I liaise with various departments to ensure the swift collection and processing of invoices.“

"I chose Samotics for its innovative approach and commitment to work-life balance, which is reflected in the flexible part-time schedule they offer. Moreover, Samotics promotes a culture of ongoing learning and growth, with a supportive environment that encourages everyone to contribute to improving our processes. This, along with the chance for personal development, is why I find Samotics to be the perfect fit for me."

"From the moment I joined Samotics, the most valuable lesson has been the significance of outstanding mentorship and a commitment to continuous learning. The advice and support from my colleagues have been crucial in enhancing my abilities, giving me the confidence to tackle challenges head-on. I’ve come to understand that mistakes are a natural part of the learning process, and what truly matters is the ability to reflect, learn, and improve from those experiences."

"While I'm not tied to a single project, each day brings its unique set of challenges that demand innovative approaches. I'm currently involved in an exciting prospect of implementing various solutions that will help us automate our core processes to increase our efficiency."

"I’m passionate about creating and nurturing growth—whether it’s through my professional role in finance, or in my personal life, where I find joy in raising my children, exploring new cultures through travel, and engaging with the arts. Each of these areas allows me to learn, evolve, and contribute meaningfully to the world around me."

"For those embarking on a career in finance, it's crucial to remember it's not just about being good with numbers. It’s about working well with others, paying close attention to details, and always staying on schedule. My overarching advice is: Stay curious, be eager to learn, and always find a reason to smile when the numbers finally add up!"