Software Engineer (Junior or Senior)

Job description

About Samotics

Passionate about solving the problem of unplanned industrial downtime, Samotics uses AI-driven electrical signature analysis to create smart predictive maintenance solutions that increase productivity and reduce energy waste while saving customers’ time and money.

We serve customers such as Total, Schiphol, Nouryon and ArcelorMittal. Our product, SAM4, leverages machine learning algorithms and IoT sensors to detect upcoming failures in critical industrial assets up to months in advance. But SAM4 does more than just prevent unplanned downtime. It also enables the world's largest and most successful industrial companies to significantly reduce the energy they use.

We are a growing, energetic company where professionalism, a great atmosphere and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand. Our team in Leiden, the Netherlands currently has about 50 people and continues to grow. Some of these employees work remotely.

Software Development at Samotics

Software development is at the core of our organization. Together with a strong team of data scientists, a head of product and a hardware architect, our three software development teams work every day on improving our product. These three sub-teams are Edge Devices, Data Infrastructure, and Applications & Integrations.

Our product—and our data pipelines—starts with our sensors and gateways. Our Edge Devices Team ensures that our devices are reliably and securely connected to our cloud environment. As we aim to process our data close to its source, the team provides a platform on our devices where we can deploy software.

Our Data Infrastructure Team develops and manages the company’s core data infrastructure, extending from our devices to the cloud. This infrastructure supports both our production systems doing real-time detections, as well as the experimentation environment that our data scientists use to improve our predictive models.

Our Applications & Integrations Team is key in providing our clients with insights into the health and performance of their machines. The team develops and manages both client-facing and internal web applications and dashboards. In addition, the team develops and manages the APIs and integrations we use to interact with our customers’ systems.

These are focused, agile-working teams, currently consisting of ~3 software engineers each from a range of backgrounds and nationalities. The software department uses a practical and functional methodology, allowing them to fully focus on software engineering. We work based on the principle of freedom and responsibility. We take pride in combining professionalism, trust, and a minimal number of meetings.

What we are looking for

Our product, SAM4, is taking the industry by storm. We have completed successful funding rounds and have a number of high-profile advisors on board. To continue reaching our goals (and beyond), we are always looking for the best software engineering talent. We are excited to see applications from experienced developers—and we would also love to hear from top-performing recent graduates.

Culture and tech stack

We have a strong DevOps culture and a modern development process to match. We trust our teams and believe in taking end-to-end responsibility for the things we develop. We collaborate and communicate freely. We practice CI/CD, and release often.

We believe the best way to manage our infrastructure is managing it as code. We therefore use Terraform to manage our AWS infrastructure. Linux is our preferred OS, and we use it both on our edge devices and in the cloud. Our main programming language is Python.

What we offer

  • A competitive salary

  • Ability to work 100% remotely

  • Ability to work at least 32 hours a week

  • Access to a wide range of learning programs

  • Generous parental leave

  • A brand-new, custom-designed office (with 90% recycled materials) at a three-minute walk from Leiden Central Station

  • Daily fresh lunches and healthy snacks when working in the office

  • The chance to work on cutting-edge technology that affects industry worldwide

  • A high-performing software engineering team

  • A fun and professional company culture based on the principle of freedom and responsibility


  • High-performing software engineers from any area of expertise
  • Experienced professionals or recent graduates
  • Regardless of the role or the seniority level, we are looking for top performers who not only have excellent development skills, but also know how to use them to solve challenging problems at a high level